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Wholesale FAQ

Want to become a "Prevailer" brand retailer?

Benefits for Vendors include:
  • Wholesale & bulk purchase discounts
  • Wide selection of products 
  • Customers motivation funnel 
  • Inclusion in “Where to Buy” directory 
  • Inclusion of Retailer’s Promotions
  • Incentivize customers with special discounts 
  • Brand customizable Prevailer products 
  • Increase product diversification
  • Wholesale Only Product Listings
  • Self-serve wholesale purchasing at PrevailerMindset.com

Benefits for Your Customers include:

  • Builds self-confidence & self-motivation
  • Promotes a positive, can-do mindset 
  • Reinforces goal setting & execution 
  • Powerful & tangible visual reminders

Please view the Wholesale FAQs below and please use the "Contact" tab to send any additional inquiries that you may have. I'd love to hear from you!

Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I qualify to become a Prevailer wholesale customer?
The wholesale program is available to retail stores, corporate gift buyers, catalog companies, interior decorators, designers, hotels, restaurants and other commercial organizations with a valid Tax ID.

Is there a Charge to Open a Wholesale Account?
There's NO charge to open an account. 

How can I setup a Wholesale Account?
It is very simple to be setup as a Dealer, all you need to do is email a copy of your Business/Sellers Permit, along with any addition company info you may have (Primary Purchasing Agent's Name, Phone, Email, Retail Store Address, etc.) to info@PrevailerMindset.com. After your information has been reviewed, a determination will be made if you will approved as a Dealer. You will be contacted regarding your acceptance status. If approved, you will be given access to the Wholesale area of my website.

We're a small dealer, can we still buy from you?
Absolutely!  Businesses of all sizes are invited to request access to the wholesale portal!

Is there a minimum order requirement?
There is NO minimum order requirement.  You are encouraged to order one-off samples. However, please note that this program is intended to provide purchase discounts as a reward for volume purchasers.  In an effort to minimize abuse of the program, your volume purchase utilization will be monitored.  Abusers may have their accounts suspended.

Do you offer a tax free purchasing option?
Absolutely!  The “Prevailer” brand is based in Southern California.  In order to be compliant with regulations and granted the tax free exemption, all requesting dealers must comply with "Regulation 1668. SALES FOR RESALE” as stated on the California State Board of Equalization’s website: http://www.boe.ca.gov/lawguides/business/current/btlg/vol1/sutr/1668.html.  As such, you must submit a valid California Seller's Permit, License or Account.  Once received, this account will be validated on the California State Board of Equalization's website: https://efile.boe.ca.gov/boewebservices/verification.jsp?action=SALES.   If you as the purchaser (requesting dealer) make no sales in California, you must provide a sufficient explanation as to the reason why you are not required to hold a California seller's permit in lieu of a seller's permit number.  Please refer to the provided links for additional information.

Do you offer Net terms or credit purchasing?
Sorry, at the present time, these options are not available.

How long does it take to receive shipments?
Because I use multiple vendors, shipping times vary from 1 to 2 weeks, with some items taking slightly longer to arrive.

Do you offer the same discounts through your other retailers as you do on PrevailerMindset.com?
Unfortunately, I cannot extend the same discounts across all of my sales outlets.  Each retailer runs independently of PrevailerMindset.com.  As such, they have their own terms of service, return policies, promotions, etc.  However, I may be able to extend some discount pricing through some of them, such as my Prevailer QB Store.   Please send inquiries for additional information regarding this.

Still have additional questions?
Please use the "Contact" tab and send me your inquiries. I'd love to talk with you!

Last updated: 2/10/2018

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