About Prevailer

When you hear the word “fitness” what comes to mind? Do you immediately think of physical fitness? You would be correct in that assessment. However, the notion of being fit extends beyond just physical and also applies to mental conditioning as well. One definition of the word “fit” is, “sound physically and mentally”!  

Founded in 2017 by Kenneth L Montgomery, Prevailer is a lifestyle brand based in San Diego, California.  The goals of the brand is to aid you in your fitness journey to greatness! This includes physical fitness goals as well as building the mental fortitude to prevail in every category of life! With vision, drive and resilience, resolve to become the prevailer that you know you can be!

The Best Part About Milestones is Achieving Them!

Whether you’re just getting started or continuing on your fitness journey to greatness, don't neglect the importance of taking a pause to acknowledge and celebrate your milestone accomplishments along the way! These can be invaluable progress markers to gauge how close you are to achieving your goals. The “Prevailer Milestone Achievement Tees” collections were created with that purpose in mind! Categories include weight loss, cycling, running, bench press and combo weight lifting! Resolve to become the Prevailer that you know you can be!

Safe and Secure Shopping!

I enjoy the hands on approach to running my Prevailer brand.  In addition, I partners with small businesses in the San Diego area to help me produce my brand merchandise!  Shop with confidence, knowing that this site is powered by Shopify, a trusted partner that provides a secure and encrypted checkout experience. Shopify SECURE certified badge displayed at the bottom of this website. Thanks for supporting small businesses! Kenneth L. Montgomery, Founder.

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